Instrument operation and data handling

BMK internal shutter lab test in slow motion.

The CCD camera is a slave of the telescope and controlled from within SCS. Its only moving part is the shutter (BMK internal “8 slide” shutter). The CCD Dewar entrance window resembles a  Johnson V filter of diameter 150mm. The CCD controller is optimized for a realistic speed-times-RON product and its current RON is 4.5 electrons rms in 50s read-out time.

Instrument operation also includes data file management. It starts with the creation and transfer of the raw FITS files from the controller (including Meta data) to a local host computer (azcam pc), the archiving (mirroring) on a second machine (bmkmaster), and the immediate transfer to Potsdam. Here, details are to be determined but we follow the outline in Fügner, Fuhrmann & Strassmeier (2009, AN 330, 330).

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